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    When comes to preschool education, love and care interaction are the most effective pedagogy to promote participation, understanding, and excellence outcome amongst the preschool children. Pedagogy of love and care is in line with the sunnah of Rasulullah SAW that is Spreading Mercy to the Whole World (Rahmatan lil'alamin).

    We want our students to regard their kindergarten years at Ubestari International as the most fond memories. Thus we are looking for those who have the LOVE AND PASSION early childhood education. If you are such person, come and join us in the mission to inculcate the love of Islam and knowledge amongs preschool children as an early preparation for them to become obedience slaves of Allah, Khalifah of Allah, and Ummat of Nabi Muhammad SAW.

    Depending on your background and qualification, you may apply for the following jobs:

  • Child Educator (teacher at Preschool)
  • Child Trainer (teacher at playhouse) 
  • Customer service 
  • Admin 

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